We can provide a variety of different repair, installation and maintenance services for high locations and/or locations that are difficult to reach . By utilizing rope access techniques we can safely and effectively run projects at such locations.
  • maintenance services
  • ​cleaning rain gutters
  • washing windows
  • ​installing pieces of art
  • etc.
köysityön tekijät

Installing pieces of art.

Our services are very suitable for short term projects where the rental rates for scaffolding or a crane large enough would be unreasonable.

Rope access also makes it easy to work on tall buildings in the city, as special arrangements for traffic are not needed.

Our company was founded in 1995 and since then we have tackled a range of challenging projects.

Turku cathedral


Installing a fire alarm system to Turku cathedral.

MS Allure of the Seas


Fixing, completing installations and doing the final cleaning of the atrium.


Juha Aho